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Although every member of our team has different interests, we all have the same mission; To allow the time and space you need to address your individual hair and beard requirements.

Ian Fallon

Director & Co-Owner
Picture this; Canberra, Australia. 1999.  After being rejected from his dream of working in a department store, Ian started his hair cutting career in the middle of the messy texture era. The messier, the better. Once, for two months, he only cut with a guarded razor. Basically, if it looked like a cat had sucked your hair into shape, you were on trend. That love for texture still carries in him today and he loves haircuts that combine both scissor and clipper work. Not so much the bed hair of the 90’s, but more the tapered neck and brushed back look of the 1950’s. Ian also loves being trained by others and training anyone who will listen. In short, stealing ideas and tricks from others and passing it on. Why not?

Lee-Ann Pattison

Lee-Ann started cutting hair in 1996. I know! She looks like she was born in ’96! Lee-Ann and Ian worked together in their previous barbershop and she is not only a fantastic barber (her fades look Photoshopped), she loves the craic and a good yarn. Perhaps it’s her Northern Irish upbringing or her years of experince behind the chair. She loves club and house music, scary films and is always curious about different ways of cutting techniques to suit trends. You will love being in her chair, especially if you have a ‘fur baby’! (Dog. She would like you to bring your dog).

Stuart Lynch

Graduate Barber
Stuart has always wanted to be a barber, but life got in the way until one day he felt he needed to pivot in his career and enrolled in a barber course. A win for us! Hailing from Sheffield in South Yorkshire, Stuart was expertly trained at Black's Academy by Lachlan Black here in Edinburgh (an educator Ian is a huge fan of). Previously he was cutting in a shop on Dundas Street before agreeing to work along side us at Fallon & Mann. Haircut wise; Stuart loves the look of clean, military like cuts while he also loves cutting nineties mid-length texture. The nineties was his clubbing era, you see, so he has first hand experience of the messy, out of bed look. Book in with Stuart today!

Arthur Mann

Arthur is a proud town planner by trade but has always wondered what it would be like to own a shop since working in one growing up in Shetland. With Ian (strongly) encouraging him, he took the leap and together they have enjoyed the journey of creating a space that is both functional and relaxing to be in. If you have any questions of the process of setting up a barbershop, please get in touch.


Want to work with us or just curious about how we work? Get in touch and book in some time for a chat and a shop tour!

Our barbershop is located right in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town.

52 Dublin Street
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