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Welcome to
Fallon & Mann.
A premium barbershop in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town.

To be the best Edinburgh barbers, we've implemented decades of experience to craft a space where both you and your barber receive the best care possible.
As a team, constant skill development and idea sharing are a priority in our work week. We give you and our barbers plenty of time to ensure that you are listened to and are completely happy when you leave our space.

We also give our barbers turn around time in between appointments to make sure you are sitting in a refreshed and clean station. We set our phones to silent so your barber gives their undivided attention to you and your hair. Focus is everything.

Simply put; we have everything in place to ensure your appointment at Fallon & Mann will be the most relaxing barbershop experience.

What makes us the best Edinburgh barbers?

We give a thorough consultation to suggest solutions to your hair concerns. We find a cut that suits you and your lifestyle.

We give our barbers longer appointment slots so they have plenty of time to perfect your look.

We give our barbers turn around time to clean and sterilise the station you are about to sit in.
We have weekly idea sharing sessions where we discuss more efficient ways to achieve different cuts and also how to improve the overall customer experience.

The full service includes hair washing and conditioning. This gives us a better idea of your hair texture but is also very relaxing.

For barbers outside Fallon & Mann, we host scissor work education sessions every two months. Email for details and dates.

Decades of experience in barbering under one roof.

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“Outstanding barbers, excellent service. Very warm and friendly atmosphere”
Tom Fenton
“Great service. Best barbers in Edinburgh”
Tell Tuttle
“Great service, friendly atmosphere and very talented barbers.”
Karim El-Shakankery
Our barbershop is located right in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town.

52 Dublin Street
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Call us on 07450 129993

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